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Travis Moberg
Discord: #TMoberg7846

Hi Tako Boy Studios Team!

Welcome to my portfolio, and thank you for visiting! I am extremely excited for the opportunity to work for you and The Cross Blitz audio team! I hope you enjoy this handpicked playlist of a sample of my original compositions. This includes area themes, town themes, as well as combat to show you my flexibility and unique voice as a composer. As noted in your job posting, I am comfortable working in a variety of programs, including Unity, and am trained in building and implementing dynamic audio systems in FMOD or WWISE if your game requires it!

I Hope you enjoy! 


Thank you again for listening!


Here is a quick introduction about me and my experience as a composer:

My name is Travis Moberg, and I'm a professional composer, sound designer and audio programmer from Colorado, USA. My experience includes both AAA and indie experience, and my absolute passion is creating dynamic audio for video games, and I would absolutely love for the opportunity to interview for the available composer position for 'Cross Blitz' and be a part of your team.

As a multi-instrumentalist and professional percussionist, you'll find that my voice is a unique blend of live recorded musicians, synthesizers and some of the finest virtual libraries available to create memorable soaring melodies, and intense, high energy combat scenes to immerse your players in the fantasy world you have created. In addition to music, I have experience designing dynamic music systems, to ensure that each time a player enters a world, their audio experience is just as unique as their playing experience.


Given the opportunity, you'll find that I am easy to work with, super communicative, reliable and flexible. I work from my professional home studio here in Colorado and am able to use my complete production studio to record foley and do sound design remotely. My system is also 5.1 surround capable. I also welcome new challenges and am always open to learning new software, and exploring new techniques, methods and ideas as needed by your team; I believe this is the only way we all grow as creators! 


Thank you so much for your time in reading this and listening to my work. I feel that I could be a valuable asset to this team and look forward to hearing from you.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like a free, original sample piece of music written for your team.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!



I understand that each company is just as unique as the game they are developing. I am always open to discussing alternative pricing models or making adjustments as needed.


Below are my base prices for composed music. 

$300/minute - this price includes: 

  • Fully written, mixed and mastered original music.

  • FMOD/WWISE project integration (if needed).

  • Alternative arrangements for both in-game use, and out of game Soundtrack releases.

  • Ongoing updates as needed to accommodate gameplay changes.

Travis Moberg
Discord: #TMoberg7846

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