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Tears Of Magic


"...the sound design and soundtrack will be an extra not to be overlooked, also thanks to the collaboration with Yoshino Aoki and Travis Moberg." - IndieGamesDevel

Tr"   TurnBasedLovers.Com

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection


"Command and Conquer Remastered looks great, but the music is the real treasure ." - PC Gamer Magazine

“It would be a crime not to make mention of C&C Remastered's fantastic soundtrack, which features not only original and remastered versions of the memorable tunes of yesteryear, but also includes a selection of brand new tracks, recorded by original composer Frank Klepacki and his band "The Tiberian Sons." Over two decades later, C&C's score still holds up marvelously.” - Destructoid

“Truly epic music.” -

“The first thing I blasted was Hell March on the jukebox… Amazing soundtrack!” - Press Start AU

“…proving that the classic tracks still slap harder than a Ric Flair chest chop, the sickest of licks punctuating each map as you send your forces into battle.” -

“Remastered soundtrack is particularly impressive.” - AusGamers

Life Leech

"...I can well imagine that this glint in the eye...will actually become a game that could add a new facet to the action RPG genre. I'm looking forward to it." -GameStar (English Translation)

LifeLeech Logo Black Background.png

The Tiberian Sons


"We hope you are as excited about the involvement of The Tiberian Sons as we are. A huge thanks to Frank, the band members, and their visual artist, Nate Horsfall, for extending their incredible talent to the Remaster project."



"As evidenced by its new single, “Fuji,” the guys in Dang’O clearly have a handle on technical post-rock with push-and-pull changes in time signatures." - Westword - "Dang’O Releases New Instrumental Post-Rock Single"

Dang'O LogoWhite.png

"Their members come from all corners of the music world, and their sound is a mashup of styles, genres, and techniques. Their music is technical, but approachable, appealing to listeners and musicians alike." -

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