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Tabi Entertainment Team:

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit this page! Below are some specific examples of my work that I feel are directly applicable to the Music Composer and Music Designer position at your team!

Please let me know if you have any questions at all! I am totally happy providing demonstrations for anything you'd like and am also happy with providing additional and/or custom samples of work as well.

For convenience, I've attached links to my resume and cover letter here:
Cover Letter

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Travis Moberg
Discord: travismobergmusic

Interactive Audio Systems - FMOD Screenshots

The above screenshots are examples of different types of interactive/dynamic systems built for games in Unity. My overall goal as a technical audio designer is to reduce the workload of your programmers and while enhancing the overall audio experience of your players. While difficult to illustrate in a screenshot, the above use a series of in-game parameters that control direction of music, types of sound effects that play in a dynamic footstep system, as well as 3D dodging effect system.
Each of these systems are controlled by parameters that tie into the following in-game systems:

  • Player & Boss/Enemy Health

  • Velocity

  • Surface Type

  • Game pause state 

  • Dialogue state

  • Location of player and more!

I am absolutely happy doing a tech demo of anything here that you'd like if needed! In addition to FMOD project management, I have experience working in C#, Python and C++ for Unity and Unreal game engines and have worked using many different version control programs including Git (as mentioned in the job posting). 

Audio Design Examples

Spell Sound Design Reel

Music Composition Reel


Travis Moberg

Discord: travismobergmusic

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