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Hi Spiral Bound Interactive Team!

Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy this handpicked playlist that showcases some of my previous work from horror games and interactive media. My hope is that you find that this is similar to what you are looking for in 'You Will Die Here Tonight,' and that it provides you with an idea of the quality of product that I will be able to deliver to the team.

The samples below include a wide variety of sound design selections showcasing monster and foley work, as well as ambience and music. My goal when approaching any project is to bring all three of the elements together, to work as a cohesive audio experience for your players that's unique each time they open the game. FMOD is an incredible program and I'm excited to hear about the audio ideas from your team and start working towards bringing them to life!

I've also included a trailer from another project I worked on in the past. All of the audio in the clip is designed, written and/or edited by me, and the primary system used for implementation was FMOD in Unreal. This clip will showcase additional foley work, weapons, monster design, music and dialogue editing.

For a complete list of my credits, or additional music - please visit the links above.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like a free, original piece of music or other audio sample written for your team.

Thank you for your time,

Travis Moberg
Discord: #TMoberg7846

NOTE: "A Vile Descent" is significantly lower volume. You may need to adjust your speakers to hear!

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