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Hi SpaceLab Games Team!

Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy this handpicked playlist for our chiptune work as part of The Tiberian Sons. 

The Tiberian Sons are best known for our work with bombastic, symphonic orchestra driven heavy metal for games like Command & Conquer Remastered, and Soundfall, but as a production group we produce music in a multitude of genre's and media platforms, including chiptunes! In addition to composing, we have experience building dynamic audio systems through middleware programs like Wwise and Fmod. We believe that not only every game and gamer is unique, but that each playthrough should feel unique as well! This is well represented in how we approach building audio systems for games (should your project have a need for it!). We can cover all aspects of audio from composing, recording production, as well as sound design, audio editing and provide mixing/mastering services as well. All of these are absolutely scaleable depending on the needs of the project, and we're happy working in whatever capacity is needed, and happy fitting in as a part of your team.

We also are fully prepared and happy to write a unique track for your project as requested in the job posting! We're extremely excited to get started if given the opportunity. As part of this demo, we would be happy putting together an Fmod/Wwise demo as well, should your project need it.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like a free, original sample piece of music written for your team.

Thank you for your time,

Travis & The Tiberian Sons
Discord: #TMoberg7846


Full Credits List/Portfolio:

Additional Tiberian Sons Work:

Additional Music by Travis Moberg:


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