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Hi Ben!

Thank you so much for your time, and for visiting this page! I hope this is an easy platform where you can listen to a diverse selection of my most recent original music (including a couple of unreleased tracks), as well as some sound design samples I've done in the past. 

Some of the music is definitely best presented in the fmod/Wwise projects. This is the best format to demonstrate how I use player actions to dictate how the music interacts with gameplay. This specifically is one of the areas I'm most passionate about when working as an audio designer, especially with experience on multiple sides of production. I believe that each player is totally unique with different playing styles which lead to different playing experiences - I strongly believe that audio should reflect this as much as possible! 

For sound design - I've included a few diverse examples of some work I've done in the past. The first is a snippet from a track I wrote called "Titans Of Misery" - this section includes a lot of sound design elements as the director wanted a "Dark Incantation" Scene, featuring one of the main characters from the game. The second is a handful of some of the more interesting spells I've done for an turn-based RPG. The final is a horror scene, which was originally created as a monster design demo that was going to be used in a series of podcast style episodes that accompanied the game as a marketing tool. Each of the sound design examples features both original recorded material, as well as library material from my studio.

My hope is not to present an all-inclusive list of my work, but more so to demonstrate my flexibility as an audio professional, given that this position requires such a wide range in skillset. I hope that these examples give you some insight to my style and character as an artist, and I believe that with my experience in these areas, along with technical audio design, dialogue editing, scripting, middleware management, engine experience and more, that I could be a valuable member of your team.

I'm very much looking forward to our meeting, and hope for the opportunity to work together!

Thank you again for your time.

Travis Moberg
Discord: #TMoberg7846

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