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Travis Moberg is a Colorado-based producer and composer who harnesses the gripping properties of drama to create his brand of larger-than-life compositions. He is also an accomplished audio director, composer, sound designer and voice actor for video games across a myriad of platforms. With sweeping symphonies, melodic brass and powerful percussion, Travis’ modus operandi is to serve in transporting the listener to new worlds, whether it be in the format of video games, film, or just simply music.

His music production background dates back to the discovery of his Dad’s drum kit hidden inside of a crawl space in his house. Naturally, he gravitated towards the art of percussion, playing for both his school and as a drummer in various Jazz bands throughout his studies. As his skills developed, the opportunities also began to present themselves. By the end of high school, he was performing in multiple bands, and was appointed as Drumline Captain, where he and his team went on to win multiple WGI State Championships. He then progressed to the Denver Colorado Professional WGI Drumline, ‘The Blue Knights’, where he performed in two World Championship competitions. These performances included a live gig with Country Superstar Keith Urban, and a sold-out show of over 18,000 attendants at Denver's The Pepsi Center.

Bonding over a love for video game music with his long time best friend, Tony Dickinson, the two of them plunged themselves deep into the realm of video game soundtracks, which led to them eventually recreating and reimagining them in their own remixes. These were later released as both singles and full-length albums. 


Seeing the opportunity in their remixes growing popularity, Travis and Tony went on to form the project ‘The Tiberian Sons’, a heavy metal video game band with fellow remixers Connor Engstrom and Max Noel. Their success was springboarded by landing notable gigs at MAGFEST (2013 and 2015), and were recognized for their renditions of tracks from Final Fantasy, Act Raiser, Command & Conquer and many more. Their music was eventually discovered by revered video game composer Frank Klepacki, who would later join the band. They performed as the headliner for 2019 Magfest as ‘Frank Klepacki & The Tiberian Sons’ as the first ever live Command & Conquer music event (sold out attendance of over 5,500), which was broadcasted to viewers from all around the world. At the time of writing, videos from the concert has amassed over half a million views on YouTube alone. EAGames producer, Jim Vessella, aka Jimtern, watched it live and commented that he was "blown away by the performance". Shortly after, Jim contacted The Tiberian Sons to work with them, in collaboration with Frank Klepacki to bring their performances to the Official Command & Conquer Remaster Collection releases.

This Command & Conquer Remaster Soundtrack went on to receive outstanding reviews with widespread critical acclaim, and was featured on EAGAmes' release videos for the game's premiere. Following its success, The Tiberian Sons are getting ready for an upcoming world tour across Europe, Russia and USA

Today, Travis continues his career as a composer, audio director and sound designer for video games, working with teams all across the world. He is pursuing higher education at The Berklee College Of Music, while remaining an active live performer for multiple groups, including frontman duties for Pop/Funk group, Sylva, drummer/keyboardist for Dang'O, touring drummer for The Tiberian Sons, among many others.

Tonight’s the night! Catch @sylvafunk LI
Got that #stank face performing with Dan
Super productive first day in the studio


Composer, Sound Design, Recording Artist (Drums, Vocals, Keyboards / Piano), Live Performer, Producer / Recording Engineer, Voice Acting.

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