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Original Soundtrack



Tears Of Magic (PC) - In Development - by Good Old Pixel

     -Composer, Audio Implementation, Sound Design

Critter Crops (PC) - In Development - by Skyreach Studios

     -Composer, Audio Implementation, Technical Audio Design

Fountains (PC) - In Development - by John Pywell Games

     -Composer, Sound Design

God Of Riffs VR (PC, Oculus, PSVR) -In Development -by Vyersoft & Boss Music Games

     -Audio Director, Audio Implementation, Technical Audio Designer, Composer

Warhammer 40K: Speed Freeks - Reveal Trailer (2023) by Caged Element inc.

     -Performing Artist (drums)

Lego Duplo Marvel - Mobile (2023) by Disney, Lego & Story Toys


MarvelHQ (Mobile) (2023)


Rainbow Stacks - PC (2023)

     -Composer, Arranger, Performer (Keys)

Fruit Megaways - PC (2023)

     -Composer, Arranger, Performer (Keys), Sound Designer

Mystic Circus - PC (2023)

     -Composer, Arranger, Performer (Keys)

Pixel Mixers - Final Fantasy V: To A New Dawn (2022)

     -Arranger, Performer (Keys) "Ending Theme"

Frank Klepacki & The Tiberian Sons - Lay To Waste (EP) (2022)

     -Performer (Drums), Arranger, Composer

The Tiberian Sons - 'Mighty Wings' (Single) (2022)

     -Performer (Drums)

The Tiberian Sons - 'The Only Winning Move' EP (2022)

     -Performer (Drums), Arranger

Project Gray (PC) - Development Discontinued 2021- by Silent Knight Games

     -Composer, Sound Design, Audio Implementation

LifeLeech (PC) - In Development - by CatBit Software

     -Original Score, Sound Design, Music Director, Audio Implementation

The Tiberian Sons - 'The Devil's Spear (Ace Combat)' - (2021) -


Ruscel Torres - 'Pokemon - Approaching/Battle! Cynthia' - (2021) -

     -Performer Drums

Lux Primora (PC) -Development Discontinued 2021- by Alphabet Soup Games

     -Composer, Sound Design, Audio Implementation

Heaven & Hell (PC) - 2021 by Dreamwalkers Collective

     -Original Score (Main Theme)

Lux Primora: 'Introduction To Aurora' Trailer (PC)- 2021 - by Alphabet Soup Games

     -Original Score, Sound Design, Mixing/Mastering, Voice Over Editing

Project Gray Reveal Trailer (PC)- 2021 - by Silent Knight Games

     -Original Score, Sound Design

Project G.A.E.A. Reveal Trailer (PC)- 2021 - by Checkered Fox Games

     -Original Score, Sound Design

Innocent Lily (PC) - Development Discontinued 2021 - by Dizzy Koi Games

     -Original Score

Project G.A.E.A. (PC)- 2021 - by Checkered Fox Games

     -Original Score (Main Theme)

Lux Primora - 'Main Theme' - (2021) by Alphabet Soup Games

     -Composer, Performer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Dread Silence (PC)- Development Discontinued 2021 - 

     -Original Score, Sound Design

Post Contact (PC) - 2021 - by Freydom Games

     -Original Score, Sound Design

Melrose Academy of the Arcane (PC) - 2021 - by Studio Fireside

     -Original Score, Sound Design

On Scene: Professional Firefighter Simulator (PC) - 2021 - by Bushfire Technologies

     -Original Score, Audio Director, Sound Design, Audio Implementation, Voice Actor

LifeLeech - Official Trailer Release - (2021)

     -Composer, Arranger, Sound Design

Travis Moberg & Tony Dickinson - 'Titans Of Misery' (Single) - (2021)

     -Composer, Arranger, Performer (Keyboards)

Travis Moberg - 'II' - (2020) Original artwork by Michal Kvac

     -Composer, Producer, Performer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Tony Dickinson - 'Acoustitracks' (Trailer Music) - (2020)


Dang'O - 'Bakin' Maybes (single)' - (2020)

     -Composer, Arranger, Performer (Drums, Keyboards)

Connor Engstrom - 'Quarantine Sessions' (2020)

     -Composer (6), Performer (Drums; 5, 6)

Dang'O - 'Fuji (single)' (2020)

     -Composer, Arranger, Performer (Drums, Keyboards)

Official Reveal Trailer: On Scene: Professional Firefighter Simulator by Bushfire Technologies (2020)

     -Original Score, Voice Actor

Connor Engstrom/Travis Moberg - 'Hover' (single) (2020)

     -Co-Writer, Performer (Drums)

Command & Conquer Remaster Collection (PC) by EA Games, Petroglyph, Lemon Sky 2020

     -Original Soundtrack Performer; Drums (Bonus Tracks as provided by The Tiberian Sons)

Official Launch Trailer: Command & Conquer Remastered Collection by EA Games, Petroglyph, Lemon Sky 2020

     -Performer; Drums (as provided by The Tiberian Sons)

Travis Moberg - 'I' - (2020) Original artwork by Michal Kvac

     -Composer, Producer, Performer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Official Reveal Trailer: Command & Conquer Remastered Collection by EA Games, Petroglyph, Lemon Sky 2020

     -Performer; Drums (as provided by The Tiberian Sons)

Connor Engstrom - 'Immigrant Song/Rob Zombie (single)' (2020)

     -Performer (Drums)

The Tiberian Sons - 'God Shattering Star (single)' (2020)

     -Performer (Drums)

Dang'O - 'Mitad' (2019)

     -Composer, Arranger, Performer (Drums, Keyboards)

Tony Dickinson - 'Indie Pop Anthem' (Trailer Music) (2019)


Dhanak Studio - 'Mere Maula Shukriyaan (single)' (2019)

     -Composer (Percussion), Arranger, Performer (Percussion, Keyboards)

Sylva - 'Come Alive' (2018)

     -Composer, Arranger, Performer

The Tiberian Sons - 'Collateral Jammage' (2016)

     -Performer (Drums)

The Tiberian Sons - 'Conquering MAGFest' (2015)

     -Performer (Drums)

Tony Dickinson (Various Artists - 'Dirty Kirby (single)  (2011)

     -Performer (Drums)

Rocked 'n' Loaded Team - 'Contra 4 - Rocked 'n' Loaded' (2010)

     -Performer: 7, 10 (Drums)

Tony Dickinson - 'Puds Duds' (2010)

     -Performer: 7 (Vocals)

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